Gamers Unscripted

Gamers Unscripted Episode 30: Dads Getting Grounded Uncensored

It’s rare that two of our usual co-hosts can’t make the podcast but that was the case with Episode 30. Filling in for MeefJ and Pantless Steve are three of the four members of the Dads Getting Grounded podcast. These fellas do a bi-weekly show that you don’t want to miss. They brought their A-game on Episode 30 and if you’re mildly offended by adult humor than this might not be the show for you. While we occasionally talked about video games, we mostly laughed our you know whats off while listening to TardBlaster doing impersonations and of course, in true DGG fashion, he left us with a tale that only he can tell.

NOTE: This episode is absolutely NSFW

The Gamers Unscripted (this week) are:

@CapnMikeM (Gamers In Beta/The40 Cast)
@Xiantayne (The OMG! Hour/Primetime)
@MagmaFlow (Dads Getting Grounded)
@Ruiner2 (Dads Getting Grounded)
@TardBlaster (Dads Getting Grounded)

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