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Gamers Unscripted Episode 37: Latch-Key Kids


On Episode 37 of the Gamers Unscripted podcast, Tycko Constam from The OMG! Hour joined the podcast. This, of course, doubled the amount of Canadian hosts, which is always a passive aggressive move, eh. Lots of the conversation on Episode 37 is centered around family life, TV shows, and of course, gaming.

Jonesing for a fresh pot of coffee from Tim Hortons? Sorry, can’t help you there, but we’ll definitely make you feel like you’re north of the border with Episode 37.

The Gamers Unscripted (this week) are:

@MrSecondPlace (The OMG! Hour)
@ruiner2 (Dads Getting Grounded)
@CapnMikeM (Gamers In Beta/The40 Cast)
@Xiantayne (The OMG! Hour/Primetime)
@bluemanrule (Open Forum Radio)

Gamers Unscripted are on iTunes.

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