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Gamers Unscripted Episode 49: Perceived Value


As we continue the trend of having developers on the show, for Episode 49, we welcome Jason Canam to Gamers Unscripted. Jason previously worked at Drinkbox Studios in Toronto, where he helped develop titles such as Severed and Guacamelee.

On Episode 49, we discuss topics such as game development, the perceived value of a game, how developers deal with game codes, and of course what we’ve been playing.

The Gamers Unscripted (this week) are:

@CapnMikeM (Gamers In Beta/The40 Cast)
– Dan Carmany (Dads Getting Grounded)
@Lasberry (Open Forum Radio/Facetious)
@Xiantayne (The OMG! Hour)
@JasonCanam (Founder/Director, Handheld Games)

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