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Gamers Unscripted Episode 55: Los(t) Connection

With the best intentions, we tried to have The 1llusiveman of Future Monkeys on Episode 55. Los makes an appearance here and there but Skype and his internet connection were just not cooperating that day. Be that as it may, we still had a fantastic show as we covered a plethora of topics such as: the 16 year anniversary of PlayStation 2, Nintendo Switch, Destiny: Rise of Iron, Bethesda’s change in review policy, new PS4 Elite controllers, and VR.

This Episode’s Hosts:

Larry Asberry (@bluemanrule) – Facetious
Los (@The1llusiveMan) – The Future Monkeys
Jeremy Lyons (@Ruiner2) – Dads Getting Grounded
Matt Helmer (@DeviousMrMatt) – The 40cast
Mike Mahoney (@CapnMikeM) – Gamers in Beta / The 40cast

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