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If there is a community for it, and I sure think there is, Jeremy Dunham will look into bringing Rocket League over to the Nintendo Switch.

Yes, according to an interview with ign, the RC competitive soccer thrill has potentially set its sight on Nintendo’s very own hybrid product. Given that Rocket League is an especially fun party game requiring minimal horsepower, I think the experience really lends itself well to the Nintendo Switch.

Imagine getting in a few quick games with your friends as you wait for your food to be served at restaurants, or while waiting in lines at a theme park, or even when you are just out at a coffee shop. I am certainly not all that excited by Rocket League coming to the Switch as an at-home experience–the game came out on a million devices, so if you own at least one of them, you are bound to have a way to do that already. No, what makes Rocket League such an awesome game to have on the Switch is that it is simple, addictive fun that requires little time commitment and only a pair of players.

It’s just as simple as snapping off one of your Joy-Cons and passing it off to a buddy. What do you think–is there a community? And what kinds of Nintendo-exclusive items would you want in the game?!

Source: Windows Central (Rocket League, Psyonix)

Source: Windows Central (Rocket League, Psyonix)

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