Games for Breakfast: Scratched Switch Screens

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I’ve seen a lot of scratched Switch screens lately, and it’s sad that the cause of the damage looks to be the design of the Switch dock itself.

Luckily I haven’t noticed any issues with my precious new console, but I wonder how much this problem has been affecting early adopters. I’ve found some pretty ridiculous workarounds for what appears to be a design flaw with the dock’s walls being pinched too tightly. Some careful Switch owners cradle their console with a blanket of some kind, while others are apparently using books to widen the gap where the Switch falls into place.

Please tell us what you think about the whole debacle, and let us know if you have had similar concerns about your console getting scratched. If your Switch is one of the unlucky ones that has been betrayed by its resting place, do let us know what you have done to solve the issue going forward.

(Nintendo Switch dock with blanket)

(Source: Gameranx)

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