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Games for Breakfast: Virtual Console Absent From Switch Launch


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It’s been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch won’t have virtual console at launch. With so few games out on day one, it would have been exciting to add to the roster of Zelda with a few greats from the past.

What makes the news even harder to swallow is the fact that it seems to have been recently confirmed that the Nintendo Switch has a method of tying your purchases to an account system. Yes, in fact you can create your Switch ID now if you wanted to. That being said, because your ID is stowed away along with your Nintendo Account attached to your Nintendo Network ID, there is potential for reacquiring your old purchases from past Nintendo hardware.

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Of course we have to take into consideration the fact that emulation works differently on each console and that Nintendo has never really had a robust virtual console service with a steady rollout of games. So it’s definitely something they have to improve on in the future, especially with the addition of the payment service.

How do you feel about the virtual console not being ready to go for launch? What will you be playing on March 3?

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