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Get lucky with Scratch Cards

As you may have already guessed from the title, Scratch Cards are virtual cards that can be purchased at GameVillage. The player must select the amount he wishes to bet and the number of coins he will wager. Depending on this, the payout will be 2x, 3x, 4x, etc of the initial bet. The site will display different symbols, the number of symbols are to be matched with the card that you have bought to win.

The scratch cards mostly come in 3×3 grids. Some games also have a 2×3 grid. The games widely vary in themes. The site offers likable themes such as “You Bet Your Asteroids” or an animal themed one called “Go Bananas”. There are options that cater to different tastes of different players. GameVillage stresses on the individuality of each player and games are designed to ensure personal satisfaction.

While virtually “scratching” the cards, there is an option to scratch all cards at once, or individually scratch each. The preferred method is to individually scratch tgame_village-welcome-homehem, as the suspense builds as each symbol is revealed. However if there is a paucity of time, the “scratch all” option can be used.

The following Scratch Cards are offered at GameVillage: Lucky Fish, You Bet Your Asteroids, Happy Hour, Go Bananas, Diamond Dreams, Lucky 7, and Scratch N’ Win. Explore the vivid plethora of themes and just scratch away to win!

This is a quick game of luck, and all winnings are credited as Cash wins. Go ahead and try your luck with the exciting Scratch Cards at GameVillage bingo!

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