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Procrastination at its finest – Get On Top

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Get on top, one of the greatest two player experiences of my entire life. Fast gameplay and colorful graphics that mesmerizes the mind and forces you to play more. Get on top is all ready on top of the play charts and has surpassed over 10 million hits. PewdiePie played the game and that video has over 9 million views. I played the game here on Poki. Did i mention it is a two player game?

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The game is simple in concept yet some fun in practice. Essentially you get on top of your friend and force him or her head to the floor. Neon colors that Tron would admire are a huge benefit for the game, if they put bland graphics in it would not be as popular as it would be. The only keys you need to play the game are WASD-UDLR, making the control mechanics simple and easy to get a handle of.

Audacious attempts were made by both me and my room mate to try and win a round, pulling in both directions, doing spectacular back flips and trying to force the others head down like a wrestling match. At its core though, Get on To is nothing more than that. It’s simplicity is what makes it so appealing and fun. I rarely play games with my room mate, but this got us both involved, we played together and both enjoyed it. Believe it or not, we were hooked so much we somehow managed to play over 60 rounds which lasted a good hour or so.

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Overall there is not much to say about this game as it is quite simple and bare, apart from the core gameplay and the great colors in the background which change every couple of rounds or so, I would still highly recommend it only if you have nothing to do as it will take up your time.

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