Granblue Fantasy the Animation Debuting This January

The original mobile game Granblue Fantasy now has a TV anime in production!

A-1 Pictures is producing the Granblue Fantasy anime series. Director Yuuki Itoh is working alongside the character designer Toshifumi Akai and the great composer Nobuo Uematsu, who is well known for his Final Fantasy compositions. Uematsu also composed music for the Granblue mobile game which first launched in 2013. The anime’s theme song is by BUMP BY CHICKEN.

Granblue Fantasy, like many Japanese games, is a role-playing game with a turn-based battle system. The animation based on the above trailer, looks incredible. The highly detailed backgrounds is promising as is the style of the character’s armor. Emotions, purpose and sense of duty can all be felt within this short promo. Hopefully, A-1 Pictures will release a formal story trailer soon.

According to Anime News Network, Cygames is planning on releasing an English version of the game. With this bit of news, it is likely Granblue Fantasy the Animation will have a Western release. A manga was released this past April in Japan. It was adapted by the artiest Kendi Oiwa and the writer Makoto Fugetsu. Granblue Fantasy the Animation is scheduled to premiere January 2017 in Japan.

Source: Crunchyroll and Anime News Network

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