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Grand Theft Auto V’s Heists Are Still Coming…Soon

Remember those heist missions in Grand Theft Auto V that Rockstar talked about? More than a year later, the developer says that you’ll still get to pull the perfect heist with three of your friends soon enough, but not ’til next year.

It was back in September of 2013 that Grand Theft Auto Online launched with the promise of executing four-player heists with your buddies online, but now Rockstar has given us the nitty gritty on just what that’ll be like in the months to come.

Talking with IGN, Rockstar claimed that GTA Online will launch with five different heists consisting of a total of twenty different pieces. The company pegs the added gameplay time at about 20 hours, but hints that there’s definitely room for extensive replay value.

Before you jump at the chance to pick Los Santos clean, you and your team will have to be at rank 12 to pull off a heist and your team leader needs a high end apartment so you have room to plan. Heists are relatively complex, with team leaders being the only ones to be contacted by in-game character Lester and in the know about heists’ details.

From there, you’ll need to rally the team and handle the nuanced details, including assigning cuts to each player. If you’re a member of the crew, you’ll get cash up front. If you’re the leader, you won’t get paid until the entire chain of jobs is complete.

Grand Theft Auto V is already available everywhere games are sold for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as well as its newest versions for Playstation 4 and Xbox One with a PC version of the game to come next year. We thought Michael, Trevor, and Franklin’s last-gen outing was a “true classic” and a worthy Game of the Year contender alongside that of last year’s Diablo III on PS3.

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Via Rockstar on YouTube & IGN

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