Gravity Rush 2 PlayStation Demo Available Today

Gravity Rush 2 PlayStation Demo is now available on the PlayStation Store.

Two separate paths will be playable in this downloadable demo to cover all levels of Gravity Rush fandom. The first path is intended for new players, especially those who have never played the original Gravity Rush game. The second path was created for seasoned players who are used to the series’ mechanics and Kat’s powers.

Gravity Rush 2 / PlayStation

Gravity Rush 2 / PlayStation

Many fans have questioned the hole in between the first Gravity Rush game and the second one. So as a sweet treat for the Christmas and winter season, a short anime will be uploaded by PlayStation. This anime titled Gravity Rush Overture [The Animation], will fill in the gaps that are left in between the two games. You can watch a teaser for the animation above. The first story opens with a floating city named Hekseville. Kat is a girl living in the city who lost her memory but obtains a special power to control gravity from a mysterious black cat. A gravity storm threatens the city and Kat uses her new found ability to protect the people from the storm and the monsters that are suddenly appearing.

Gravity Rush Overture [The Animation] was animated by Studio Khara and can be watched through PlayStation’s YouTube Channel on December 26th at 8 am PST. Starting today, PlayStation 4 owners can download the demo through the PlayStation Store. Let us know your thoughts about the anime trailer and the demo in the comment section below!

Source: PlayStation BlogPlayStation YouTube Channel

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