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Hands-on with This War of Mine –

Hands-on with This War of Mine –

As you walk the floor of PAX East, you will encounter many different types of people hyping their latest game. There are the over-the-top hype-men/women offering you shirts to play their game. There are those who don’t acknowledge you because maybe your badge doesn’t have the credentials on it that excites them. And then there are exhibitors who are eager for you to play their game and therefore take the time to explain, demonstrate and finally solicit your feedback to help shape the game. The latter is true of Pawel Miechowski; senior writer and exhibitor of This War of Mine.

Pawel and his team are very passionate about their game. Where they live in Poland, it is only about 6 hours away from some of the recent wars that have been going on in Eastern Europe. Earlier this year when Pawel’s colleague, Michal Drozdowski, was asked about what has inspired them to make This War of Mine, he had this to say, ““While designing a new game, we came across an article that described how one man survived in a besieged city. We learned about his hardships and the horror of that experience. We decided to work around this idea and make something real, something that moves people and make them think for a second. It’s about time that games, just like any other art form, start talking about important things.”

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