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Mailmen and Twilight Princesses Invade Hyrule Warriors DLC

Hyrule Warriors Twilight Midna BagoGames

Hyrule Warriors has another princess joining their ranks from quite farther away than Hyrule. Alongside the likes of Queen Zelda and Link’s Skyward Sword buddy, Fi, Midna is the latest femme warrior to join the fight in quite the debut.

Included with the Twilight realm’s sassiest sidekick in Techmo Koei’s next DLC pack for the Dynasty Warriors/Legend of Zelda mash-up are Link sporting a saucy postman’s costume and Zelda donning a quaint Ilia girl-next-door look. This is the part where your eyebrows raise with interest.


The full season pass sells for $20 and combines the Midna/Link/Ilia DLC pack, the Master’s Quest pack, and the upcoming Majora’s Mask set which promises two new characters and the Boss Pack.


Via KoeiTechmoofficial on YouTube

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