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Mario Kart 8 Pitstopped Until April 2014


A lot of anticipation had revved up for Mario Kart 8, and many were hoping for a release at some point before the end of this year, but the tires on that car went flat.  The new death defying gravity tracks, familiar hang gliding, underwater antics, and new hover mode have really spiced things up and having to wait even longer doesn’t spin a lot of fan’s wheels.  News for a late Spring release in 2014 apparently came via a Nintendo Europe newsletter which stated that the UK will be receiving it sometime in April 2014.  There hasn’t been any murmuring heard from either Nintendo of America or Nintendo of Europe about the supposed leak.

Fans will at least get a dose of Mario when Super Mario 3D World hits North America in December which will hopefully tide them over until the karts get the green light.

{Source: My Nintendo News}

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