Marvel Phase 3 Calendar Revealed. Nine Films From 2016-2019


It’s finally here. The third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been revealed at a special event with a lot of surprises. Delivered at a special press event with some surprise appearances, nine new Marvel films were revealed with release dates leading all the way up to 2019. Some of these have been seen coming for months such as Captain America 3 and Doctor Strange, but there were still some big surprises in the form of Captain Marvel, Inhumans and a two part Avengers sequel.

  • May 6, 2016: Captain America: Civil War
  • November 4, 2016: Doctor Strange
  • May 5, 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • July 28, 2017: Thor: Ragnarok
  • November 3, 2017: Black Panther
  • May 4, 2018: Avengers: Infinity War – Part I
  • July 6, 2018: Captain Marvel
  • November 2, 2018: Inhumans
  • May 3, 2019: Avengers: Infinity War – Part II


One interesting comparison to make is with DC’s recent movie announcements which included a two part Justice League movie. This also the tallest order for a Marvel phase which up to this point was comprised of six films each. Some fans may find it a bit distressing that Marvel didn’t capitalize on the demands for a Black Widow or Hawkeye solo movie. Still, it is refreshing to see that the next phase will be far more than just sequels. The introduction of Captain Marvel and Inhumans is enough to get me hyped, but a two part Avengers with Thanos as the centerpiece is just too much to wait for.

Source: Slashfilm

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