Middle-earth: Shadow of War is Officially Coming This Year

Middle-earth: Shadow of War was first teased this weekend when Target accidentally posted the box-art for the game. Early Monday morning, Warner Brothers officially confirmed that the sequel to critically acclaimed Shadow of Mordor is on the way, and coming in six months, on August 22.

The game looks to continue on with the story of Talion, and his ghostly companion Celbrimbor, as they take a larger scale battle to Sauron and his armies, including the Nazgul. Additionally, the Nemesis system will return in the game, and be greatly increased and enhanced. In the first game, when Talion had an encounter with enemies that may or may not have gone his way, the enemies could return later in the game, and come with an increase in rank, powers, minions, and more. Warner Brothers hopes to expand on that by apparently making the players actions affect the environment, and not just your enemies.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Warner Brothers

Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Warner Brothers

Another aspect to the Nemesis system will include followers, and while not much is known, Warner Brothers has hinted that your followers can remain loyal to Talion or betray him, which should make for dramatic playthroughs. One other new aspect to the game will be the introduction of Nemesis Fortresses, that will affect how Talion leads his armies to battle and conquers new lands. Based on the trailer, one should assume that there will be some very massive battles that will take place in the game.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War certainly came out of nowhere and is a welcome surprise to many. The trailer does a good job at setting up an epic new world where there is a potential to take what was experienced in the first game up to a whole new level. The gameplay trailer will be coming on March 8, so until then we must wait. Are you excited to head back to Middle-earth, and to take on Sauron? Let us know if you’re a fan and are anticipating this monster of a release.

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