Monster Hunter Stories Release Date and Free Demo Revealed

Monster Hunter Stories‘ release date has been revealed by Nintendo with a little surprise for hunters. Stories will have a free demo available from the Nintendo eShop beginning on August 10. Players who download and play through the demo will have an opportunity to use the save data in the full version of the game after they purchase it! If the “free” portion of the demo wasn’t enough of an incentive to download and play it before the game is released next month, the ability to transfer the save data will certainly persuade you.

In this adorable and brighter MH game, hunters will be able to take monster eggs and raise the monsters as their campaigns. For the first time in the series, fans will be able to fight alongside their favorite monster types. Create teams and use combo attacks to become a champion.

Sadly, a monster will be infected with the Black Blight and is attacking riders. As you become more involved in this story, you shall uncover a multitude of side quests and turn-based battles. Coordinating your monsters’ skills along with your own playable rider’s sills will help to defeat the enemy.

Single-player, local play and the famous online mode is all coming back to this new adventure. Plus MH Stories includes a StreetPass feature that allows individuals to fight other players that they have StreetPassed with locally. Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories is being released on September 8 for the Nintendo 3DS/2DS system family.

Source: Nintendo Press Room and Monster Hunter Stories Official Website

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