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Naughty Dog “Constantly” Asking Rogen & Goldberg to Write Uncharted Movie


The Uncharted movie has been a long time coming. Arguably the best part of the entire franchise is that the cutscenes in Uncharted are fantastic, engaging and (at times) hilarious as PlayStation gamers are given a visual treat watching Nathan Drake’s adventure pan out across the single player campaign. Wouldn’t it be great as a film?

Two writers constantly asked to write the film however have recently spoke to IGN regarding their thoughts on the idea of an Uncharted Movie. Both Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have apparently been approached by Naughty Dog to write the film and this has happened on “multiple occasions over the past four years”.

Would you like to see Uncharted hit the big screen?

[Source: IGN via GameSpot]

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