Netflix To Lose Doctor Who, Other BBC Shows

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Time might be running short for the galaxy’s favorite time lord if incoming reports from Netflix are true.

According to “What’s On Netflix Now?”, the streaming service will be potentially discontinuing all streamed episodes of the cult-classic Doctor Who sci-fi series along with a wealth of other BBC shows, including Luther, Black Adder, the British version of House of Cards, among others.

Doctor Who and its British peers would be removed Feb. 1st, despite some rumblings that Netflix may, in fact, be playing hardball with the BBC, meaning Netflix could very well renew the series sometime soon depending on how further negotiations fair with the British broadcast company. It’s unknown at this time whether both DVD copies as well as streaming would be effected.

In the meantime, a number of Whovians have put up petitions to save the series’ place on Netflix, including one in the link above.

If it all comes to pass, than we suppose we’d all have to turn to Amazon Prime or DVD to get our Doctor Who fix. Sigh.


Via CNN, MTV, & The AV Club

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