New Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Combat Trailer Revealed

Nintendo posted a new video for the upcoming Wii U JRPG Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, from the developers of Atlus.


This video is narrated by DJ MasterSeal and is titled “Hyped For Combat”. It gives viewers a glimpse of what to expect from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE in terms of character and battle mechanics. The new Mirage Masters – Touma Akagi, Tsubasa Oribe, and Itsuki Aoi – will use their skills and talent to take out the evil Mirages and save the world! Along with some help from other singers, of course. Fourtuna Entertainment’s idols will form your party and battle against the Mirages that threaten peace and freedom.

The game was inspired by Persona, Shin Megami Tensei and the Fire Emblem series and contain elements from all three games. Characters in Tokyo Mirage will be able to be swapped out of your party even in the midst of battle to let you make the most of your resources. Playable characters will fuse themselves with their Mirage to become a fearsome attacking force to go up against dark Mirages that are hiding out in the game world’s dungeons. The idols are newly contracted with Fortuna Entertainment and are learning that the company is keeping ominous secrets.

You too can discover the secrets that are hiding in the world of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE when it releases June 24th on the Wii U.

Via Nintendo YouTube Channel

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