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New Vampyr Screenshots Show the Violence of Combat

(Vampyr, Focus Home Interactive)

Dontnod are definitely making Vampyr into a must-play game by the sounds of things. Today they released new screenshots that showcase protagonist Jonathan Reid’s potential for violence. Take a look at them below, as well as some information about the combat systems and how they work in the vampire game.

As you can see, Reid has several different options available to him when dispatching enemies. One of the key features is Jonathan’s Blood Gauge, which fills during combat scenarios. This will allow players to unleash devastating vampiric abilities upon enemies. To fill the gauge, Jonathan will have access to several traditional weaponry from guns to melee weapons. But keep in mind, the more the Blood Gauge fills, the more Jonathan gives into his darker side and the humanity is drained from him. Combat can be made easier by feeding on civilians on the streets, which gives into your vampire sensibilities but also gives an experience boost that will help when taking down enemies.

But how can you give up such power? That will be the choice players have to make, especially when delving into the skill tree in Vampyr. Non-linear in design, this will give players plenty of freedom to create the combat advantages they want. Devastation versus strategy is just one of the choices players can make as they build the ultimate skill set. An example of the choices players can make within skills would be with an ability titled Spring, which instantly rushes towards an enemy for an attack. Spring can be upgraded to either cause area-of-effect damage, or give the player temporary invincibility.

Of course, you can skip some combat entirely just because vampires are inherently fast and stealthy. So the choice is up to you when Vampyr releases in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Focus Home Interactive Press Release

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