Nichijou Releases on Home Video By FUNimation

The adorable and zany Nichijou anime series is now available as a complete collection through FUNimation.

Nichijou – My Ordinary Life – was originally a manga drawn and illustrated by Keiichi Arawi. Arawi-san’s manga was serialized beginning in 2006. The story is based in the town of Tokisadame and follows the “quite” everyday days of some of the townspeople. Yuko, Mio, Mai, Nano, the Professor and Sakamoto have various exciting events happen throughout their normal life. Events that range from taking a test in school to watching their principle fight off a local deer in a wrestling match. From the more simple pleasures of walking or enjoying a treat, these characters run into some outlandish and ridiculous occurrences.

Nichijou / FUNimation

Nichijou / FUNimation

This anime is beloved by many anime fans and now they may purchase the complete series from FUNimation for the sale price of $52.49 (regular retail price is set to $69.98). Japanese audio lets viewers experience the original wacky voices and vocal sounds. English subtitles are also available. This DVD/Blu-ray combo pack includes all twenty-six episodes.

Video Source: FUNimation YouTube Channel

Source: FUNimation

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