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Nicolas Cage Is Directing And Starring In A Movie…

The One and Only

Nicolas Cage is one of the only actors to still have a sense of mystery to him. After years of manic performances, and occasionally understated ones, Cage can still carry a film, even if he hasn’t starred in a great film since 2010’s Kick-Ass. Now after 6 years of mediocrity, Cage seems ready to stretch his directing muscles with Vengeance: A Love Story.

Based off the novella, Rape: A Love Story, by prolific writer Joyce Carol Oatesthe story focuses on a young girl who witnessing the rape of her Mother by four meth-heads. She comes across Detective John Drumoor (reportedly played by Cage himself) to report the crime and the rapists are subsequently arrested. The young girl is taken in by her Grandmother while they await the trial of the rapists, who have been let out on bail.

With such a heavy subject and pulpy story turns, it will be interesting to see if Cage can actually pull it off. But if we’re to go off his directorial debut, 2002’s Sonny, starring James Franco as a gigolo trying to get out of his current lifestyle, which has 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, we might have reason to be a little worried. Vengeance: A Love Story is set to start shooting April 4th in Atlanta.

Source: The Playlist

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