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Nintendo Switch Super Bowl Ad Shows Off More Breath of the Wild

Nintendo is placing lots of faith into their upcoming console since the Switch Super Bowl ad will air on television this Sunday evening.

It is clear that the Nintendo Marketing Team is stepping up their game this time around and pulling out all the stops to show off the Nintendo Switch as much as possible before it launches next month. The official ad that is airing during the Super Bowl is only 30 seconds long and focuses on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which makes sense since it’s the Switch’s biggest launch title. The opening of the ad involves the practicality of the system as it will hopefully fit into the life of a Nintendo gamer. Everything in the background screams a Legend of Zelda fan lives in the apartment.

Switch Super Bowl Ad / Nintendo

Switch Super Bowl Ad / Nintendo

From the horse lamp, arrows and It’s Dangerous to Go Alone book on the nightstand to the multitude of Triforce triangles strategically placed around the apartment gives the feeling that the Nintendo company wants to show that they have grown up along with their fans. According to Nintendo’s Press Room, they stress the point that they want the public to realize the versatility of the system as it represents a new way to play video games. This point is definitely made clear in their Extended Cut Commercial available on their YouTube Channel.


This “full” ad wants people to imagine playing the Switch in a person’s daily life outside the home. Instead of compromising with a handheld, the Nintendo Switch is supposed to offer an entire home console experience – including the ability to play online games – wherever you happen to be at the moment. What are your thoughts on these new Switch ads? Do you think people will actually play Splatoon in a library or university classroom? Voice your opinion in the comment section below!

Source: Nintendo Press Room

Video Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

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