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All Hail the King of Kryat in Far Cry 4

Home is where the heart is and Far Cry 4 has a big one for its guests; or least its host, Pagan Min, would have you believe.

The iron-fisted ruler of Kryat keeps a fine table judging from its gorgeous mountain view, but it might be easy to think he’s “lost touch” with his subjects given the stampeding elephants outside and the civil war engulfing the tiny asian nation. Fortunately, Min seems to be the people person, as he’s teased us with his photography skills.

Ubisoft’s latest trailer for its blockbuster open-world FPS shows us the latest and greatest tourist attractions of Kryat, including some of Min’s own rather brutal “hospitality.”

A.J., a young man coming home to bury his late mother, finds himself stranded in the midst of a civil war in the fictional country of Kryat, ruled by none other than Min, a flavorfully dressed psychopath, which he demonstrates just below:

Min may eventually find himself with an equal. This past month, Ubisoft further revealed a partner of sorts in Yuma, a colorfully styled villainess that’ll apparently pair up with Min and no doubt match the two’s love for pink.

In addition, Far Cry 4 comes with a wealth of exclusive content to the Playstation 4, such as The Keys to Kryat, letting you share with your friends over the Playstation Network up to ten times even if they don’t own the game. Together, you can play co-op missions, exploring and capturing outposts.

Players can pull up a chair at Pagan’s table when Far Cry 4 stampedes onto Playstation 4 as well as Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows for PC this Nov. 18th. 

Via farcrygame YouTube

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