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PAX East 2014: Chris Roberts Reveals The First Dogfighting Footage For Star Citizen

Last night Chris Roberts took to the stage at PAX East in Boston with a live demonstration of how combat will work in his newest title, Star Citizen. The game is currently in production at Cloud Imperium and has already raised over $40 million through crowd funding, making it the most successful crowd funding project to date.

Chris Roberts is most famous for creating the popular Wing Commander series

Chris Roberts is most famous for creating the popular Wing Commander series

In the demonstration which you can see above, Roberts gave exited fans an extended look at the upcoming dogfighting module which is due to be released shortly after PAX is over. The module will offer players 5 different modes to chose from including Free Flight, Battle Royale, Squadron Battle, Capture the Core, and Vanduul Swarm. Star Citizen runs on Crytek’s Cryengine and visually it looks very impressive; I am especially a fan of the cool lock on animation.

Roberts has decided to release parts of the game one at a time to keep fans satisfied whilst work is still ongoing. The full game will feature a single player and co-op campaign as well as an open world combat and trading simulator. At last count there were 212 developers currently working on the project. It is certainly one of the more ambitious titles to attempt crowd funding which perhaps explains its phenomenal success. Star Citizen will be a PC exclusive with Roberts ruling out any console release in the future. You can watch the entire Star Citizen PAX event here.

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