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Pig Planets Game Review – This little piggy went to Outer Space

(Pig Planets, The Loneliest Pixel)

Have you ever wondered if pigs have feelings? Pigs are normally placed in the media as bad with Animal Farm, Angry Birds and so on just bashing on that pigs are evil and will devour your soul. Well it’s time to knock that off and understand pigs have feelings and care for one another. How do I know this? Well I’ve played Pig Planets and learned a thing or two about them.


(Pig Planets, The Loneliest Pixel)


(Pig Planets, The Loneliest Pixel)

Pigs in outer space is a rather mind boggling concept and even more so when they’re on the surface of little planets. Miniature planets are all the rage it seems as Mario proved how popular and adorable the theme can be with younger and older players. All that’s needed is to bring in a lonesome pig saving other pigs from captivity and you’ve got an epic tale of love, revenge and bravery.

Ok I might be jumping the gun there as what we get is a sweet little game with a cool concept. You play as a pig whose goal is to save other pigs on miniature planets. You beam yourself down onto these miniature planets and within that planet is another planet you can beam down too. Over the course of each planet are four pigs you must save and after they’re all free, you beam off into space with a well-earned victory. So a neat idea that’s simple to pick up and play. All sounds good right?


(Pig Planets, The Loneliest Pixel)

To be honest, I know the price is very low but this game can be finished in less than five minutes with no real replay value to it what so ever. It’s a little too basic, boring and clunky to control. Other games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Six Sides of the World (which I loved) had dynamic elements, colorful and beautiful worlds and replay value. Sadly Pig Planets is just very thin in gameplay and feels more like a foundation of something bigger!


(Pig Planets, The Loneliest Pixel)

Personally, I can’t recommend Pig Planets due to its lack in content or the super basic, paint by numbers gameplay that you find any game design student making in Uni. I did a game like this in Uni and I wouldn’t charge people to play it. Sorry guys, it’s just a little empty.

A Download Key for Pig Planets was provided by The Loneliest Pixel for the purpose of this review.

Pig Planets

Pig Planets




    • Cute idea
    • Simple to pick up and play


    • Lasts less than five minutes
    • Highly repetitve within it's short lifespan
    • Too simple

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