Porter Robinson Teams Up with A-1 Pictures for “Shelter” Anime Video

Porter Robinson worked alongside Madeon to create an emotional song that is enhanced by the anime video called “Shelter”.

Porter Robinson & Madeon / Shelter/ Porter Robinson Productions

Porter Robinson & Madeon / Porter Robinson Productions

The story involves a 17 year old girl named Rin who is living in a virtual reality simulator all alone. Rin’s tablet gives her the capability to draw new worlds and make them a reality through this futuristic technology. Trees, rivers, plains and fresh sparkling water appear before the viewers eyes as Rin draws them out. She runs through the fields drawing feverishly on the tablet and realizing that something is wrong. Eventually she begins to wonder why she is all alone in this strange virtual playground.

Shelter / Porter Robinson Productions & A-1 Pictures

Shelter / Porter Robinson Productions & A-1 Pictures

The voice actress for “Shelter” is Sachika Misawa who also lended her voice in Accel World. A-1 Productions and Crunchyroll worked with Madeon and Porter Robinson to make this anime music video a reality. You can watch the music video by visiting Crunchryoll.

Source: Crunchyroll and Shelter’s Official Page

Editor’s note: Article was updated to include the short film “Shelter”.

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