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Poster Revealed for The Simpsons LEGO Episode

Poster Revealed for The Simpsons LEGO Episode

The Simpsons is a long standing American cartoon that has finally gotten their own LEGO set. The special LEGO episode called “Brick Like Me” is airing Sunday May 4th on FOX at 8 est/7 ct. In this episode all of Springfield is made of LEGO bricks and Homer is trying to find a way back home before he must stay in LEGO Springfield for the rest of his life. FOX has released a poster for the new episode that gives us a humorous glance at what to expect from “Brick Like Me”. Did anyone else notice that little Maggie is missing from the poster? D’oh! Perhaps her disappearance alludes to the story or the artists forgot to include her with the rest of her family in the promotional poster. We’ll just have to wait until Sunday night!


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