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The Psychonauts Universe Will Arrive on PSVR in February

It’s not Psychonauts 2, but it will do for now. PlayStation VR users will get to explore a world of mystery in Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. The game will act as a standalone chapter to bridge the events between the first game and the second. Fans wanting more Psychonauts can enjoy the adventure on February 21st, exclusively on PlayStation VR.

There is a 360 degree trailer above that you can watch if you’re interested (remember that the YouTube app on PS4 now supports VR mode, so you should be able to watch it on there). The game will take place in first-person as players take control of Raz, a young psychic who has become a full member of the Psychonauts. There will be several abilities at your disposal, including Clairvoyance which will let you look through other characters’ perspectives.

As for the title of the game, the Rhombus of Ruin refers to an area in the ocean that is extremely deadly that attracts the attention of the Psychonauts. Raz is forced to use only his psychic powers to reunite his friends, rescue Truman Zannotto and reveal who it is that has kidnapped the group.

The game is being designed for players both new and old to jump into without any need for backstory. Obviously if you’ve played the original game you’ll probably get a little more out of the experience, but if not, it should be a good primer for those who want to get into the Psychonauts universe.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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