Quake Champions Gets New Details and a Closed Beta

Today, Bethesda has announced that Quake Champions will start accepting sign ups for the closed beta of the game. Above you can watch a trailer for the closed beta, and sign up now. Remember that the game is currently only slated for PC, which is a natural fit for a new Quake multiplayer game. Bethesda also released more details about the game through the official website for the title.

You can now take a look through the website at what weapons have been announced so far for the closed beta, look at their stats, gander at photos from different angles and read a description of each firearm. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, but it’s comforting to see that rocket launcher ready for use. There is also information on arenas in some pretty great detail, including spawn points for weapons and ease of access to different areas of the map. So if you want to start planning your route through Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath, you can already get started. Expect a trailer for Blood Covenant to arrive on Thursday, March 9th.

The other new information includes which Champions you’ll be playing as, but there’s no real info on any of them yet. That will come starting tomorrow as Nyx gets a trailer with more information and background on her. There will be more information on each of the champions released every week, so stay tuned for that or keep checking the official Quake site.

Quake Champions will be playable at PAX East this weekend, so if you’re around there, maybe pop in and take a look at the game. I’ll just continue waiting impatiently for Quake to return.

Source: Quake Champions Official Site

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