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Race the Sun’s Next Update Brings PS VR Support

(Race the Sun, Flippfly)

Race the Sun came out back in 2013 for PC users, and later it came to the PS4, PS3 and Vita in 2014. A Wii U release eventually came in 2015, and an Xbox One release is on its way on April 21, 2017. However, there’s an update coming to the game before then which will let PS4 players get a little extra playtime out of their copy of the game. Coming on April 18th, Race the Sun will get PS VR support, on top of many other additional features for those without the capability for virtual reality.

The update will not only add VR support for PS4 users, but it will also add a first-person mode that will feel perfect for VR users as well. You’ll be able to turn it on and off by simply pressing the square button. This is definitely a welcome addition, especially since it also comes with a new ‘Sunrise’ mode designed specifically so players can just chill and relax. There will not be any high scores in Sunrise, which once again alleviates stress and will feel nice to those who just want to zone out in a headset. Or take the headset off and just chill anyways.

The other final addition is the inclusion of new destinations for when players go through portals in the game. The void is usually where players would wind up after travelling through a portal, but with Race the Sun‘s update, there will be five new destinations to discover. The destination will change on a daily basis. Look for the update when it arrives next week.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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