Resident Evil 7 is Terrifying with PSVR

When I first heard about the VR functionality in Resident Evil 7, my interest in PSVR doubled. I purchased a headset on launch day and patiently waited until January 24 to experience the horror of RE7. After several playthroughs and 8 hours of gameplay in VR, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. Despite the decreased resolution of the headset’s display, RE7 was one of the most interesting and engaging gaming experiences I have ever encountered. Intensified jump scares, a realistic sense of exploration, and surprisingly smooth controls made these playthroughs memorable and left me wanting more. Watch the video above to see the terror I had to endure and the occasionally funny incidents that reminded me that I was playing a video game. We are constantly making video content like this, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel here!


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