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Resident Evil VII “Not A Hero” DLC Delayed

Resident Evil VII was one of the biggest surprises of this year. Not only did Capcom decide to bring back the scares, they decided to bring back long-time fan favorite Chris Redfield. This tied all the games together and made some gamers froth at the mouth for what was to come. Fans of Resident Evil VII were eagerly awaiting the Chris Redfield “Not a Hero” DLC that was to release Spring 2017. Unfortunately news has surfaced from the development team that they have decided to delay the release. This video explains their thought process for the delay, which is a nice comfort, but still makes me sad.

For those who don’t want to watch the video, the developers believe that their DLC would not be good enough for fans of the game given the amazing reception it received. While I’m bummed I don’t get to see what Chris has been up to relatively soon, I am thrilled that Capcom cares enough its players to put extra special care into FREE DLC. Maybe EA games should take a look at this business model. Either way he also mentions that a second DLC will be released around the time the “Not a Hero” DLC drops, which makes me wonder what that could be. I like that Capcom is being forward and upfront with their fans, and I cannot wait to see what these two DLC’s bring us.

Source: Twitter

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