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Return to Burnout’s Crash Mode with Danger Zone

Danger Zone
(Danger Zone, Three Fields Entertainment)

Kenny Loggins appearance not confirmed yet, but you will definitely be on the highway to the danger zone in Three Fields Entertainment’s next foray into destruction: Danger Zone. Three Fields announced today that their next game will be released on PS4 and PC sometime in May, retailing at $12.99 USD. The game is heavily inspired by the crash mode from Burnout 3, which co-founders of Three Fields, Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry, both worked on. You can find some screenshots of the game below:

Danger Zone will include 20 single-player courses for players to crash to their heart’s content as they compete with friends and other players on the leaderboards. The game sounds like it will player very similar to Burnout‘s crash mode, with players tasked with causing as much destruction as possible. You’ll be able to maneuver your car after it initially crashes with a “SmashBreaker”, in order to rack up more damage and collect bonus pickups. All of the destruction will be set inside of a crash testing facility, so don’t worry, it’s all safely monitored by someone I’m sure.

Three Fields Entertainment haven’t found too much success with their two previous outings. Dangerous Golf was a heavily physics-based game (also powered by Unreal Engine 4, just like Danger Zone) that didn’t seem to do much beyond that, and Lethal VR was another shooting gallery for virtual reality. So hopefully Danger Zone is able to scratch that Crash Mode itch people have had since Burnout.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re excited to destroy some cars and let out some road rage.

Source: Three Fields Entertainment News

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