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The Ringed City DLC For Dark Souls 3 (XB1) Giveaway! (closed)


We’re really excited about this giveaway. You have a bunch of ways to win it for FREE too. The more entries you make in gleam (below) the more likely you are to win.

It’s a game of probability. The more blue balls in a bag the more likely you’ll get a blue ball.

Remember some entries are worth more than others. For instance, sharing this giveaway with your friends will get you 2 entries for the price of a single share.

Some entries, like the ones that have you following us on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will keep you apprised of the latest news and reviews on your favorite games, movies and TV shows. Plus, you’ll get updates on future giveaways.

Enjoy and good luck! The Ringed City DLC for Dark Souls 3 (Xbox one) could be yours!

Dark Souls III The Ringed City DLC Xbox One Giveaway!

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