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Sailor Moon Anime Franchise Acquired by Viz Media

Sailor Moon Anime Franchise Acquired by Viz Media

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is making a comeback for a new generation to enjoy. Viz Media, a anime distributor for North America, now holds the license for the original Sailor Moon anime. There are five television series featuring 200 episodes, three movies, and several specials. The episodes are edit-free and uncropped.

The original Japanese names, character relationships and story will remain intact during the rereleases. (If you watched Sailor Moon on TV in the ‘90s and then watched the Japanese edition with subtitles, you’ll realize how much had been altered for the initial American televised version.) A new voice cast for the English dubbed version will be completely uncut that will be released in late 2014.

You can watch Sailor Moon through Hulu or Viz Media services. Just follow the links to watch your favorite Sailor Soldiers battle demons and deal with their love lives. If you are planning on attending the Anime Expo on July 5, Viz Media will be celebrating Sailor Moon Day as the new Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal anime premieres. If you don’t watch the rerelease, the Sailor Soldiers will punish you!

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