Samsung Galaxy S5 Features Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S5 Features Revealed

Samsung’s new smartphone the Galaxy S5 isn’t much of an upgrade from the S4. Galaxy S5 is supposed to be dust and water resistant, include a fingerprint home button scanner and a heart rate sensor. It also has a 5% faster processor, 2% bigger screen and 8% longer-lasting battery. Another plus is the 16 megapixels camera that is capable of high definition video recording.

These new improvements sound like a great new upgrade, but there is a problem. The Galaxy S5 is both larger and bulkier than the S4. With phones becoming thinner and taking up hardly any room in your pocket or purse, the new Galaxy doesn’t seem all that amazing. The Galaxy S4 had so much hype pumped into the marketing that the sales could never live up to the expectations.

The Galaxy S5 is set to be released in April 2014. With the downfall of the previous Galaxy smartphone, it is hard to predict a great sale for the S5. Despite the bulkiness of the S5, the new battery, camera, processor and dust/water resistant feature may possibly tempt consumers.  

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  • OC20

    I'm excited about the new Galaxy S5. I love my current Galaxy S4. Samsung Global DS Domination, not a bad thing at all.

    DS Domination


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