Samurai Warriors Anime Releasing on Home Video

FUNimation is adding the Samurai Warriors anime collection to their store.

Samurai Warriors is from the animation studio of TYO Animations and features a retelling of one of Japan’s historical periods of the Warring States. Thousands of brave warriors fight each other under their lord for control over the land. In order to bring peace to Japan, warlords fight against each other to become the country’s ultimate ruler and bring an end to the horrible wars. Everyone’s favorite Dynasty Warriors characters clash head-to-head in this anime’s battle royal. To find out which samurai will win, you can pre-order the collection through FUNimation.

Samurai Warriors Anime / FUNimation

Samurai Warriors Anime / FUNimation

This DVD/Blu-ray collection contains audio in both Japanese and English. The special features included in the set are Samurai Warriors: Legend of the Sanada, textless openings & closing songs and the series’ trailers. Samurai Warriors anime collection will be released in North America on June 27th for a sale price of $33.74 USD (regular suggested retail price is set at $44.98 USD).

Source: FUNimation Website and FUNimation YouTube Channel

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