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Snake Pass Video Review

(Snake Pass, Sumo Digital)

Despite needless repetition and poor camera control, Snake Pass consistently pulled me back in to play more. Its addicting gameplay is coupled by charming visuals and a soundtrack composed by the legendary David Wise; creating a memorable and impactful experience that I will not soon forget.

Although there are a handful of issues that hindered my overall experience, Snake Pass’ originality and charm left me incredibly entertained and wanting more. Sumo Digital has created something truly unique, and I look forward to seeing how they implement and improve on these ideas in the future. Check out the video below to see our full review!


A Nintendo Switch Review Key for Snake Pass was provided by Sumo Digital  for the Purpose of this Review

Snake Pass

Snake Pass




    • Unique and Inspiring Gameplay
    • Great Level Design
    • Incredible Charm and Soundtrack


    • Wonky Camera Controls
    • Repetition when Revisiting Levels

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