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In these next three episodes of Snow White with the Red Hair, Shirayuki and her precious friends become even closer through the kidnapping ordeal. They each learn just a little bit more about themselves and each other, which makes this story all the more genuine. In Episode 19: Wave of Determination, Kiki begins her part of the plan by giving Shirayuki the walnut shell bell necklace to use as a signal for Zen. The continuation of the special blue birds and their ability to hear and respond to the sound of walnut shells (a sub-plot in earlier episodes) is greatly appreciated. Too many anime shows will have a sub-story play out and be entirely forgotten or rarely mentioned again later on in the series. The promise made by Zen to institute the birds from Yuris Island as a means of communication among soldiers is fulfilled and remembered by viewers as soon as the blue bird’s wings are seen flying in the gorgeously painted sky.

The writing and art has been consistent throughout this second season of Snow White with the Red Hair. The overall storyline that flows gracefully between each episode onto the next builds upon previously revealed information. Viewers will have little trouble following along as Snow White becomes increasingly intriguing. Episode 19 continues with the kidnapping of Shirayuki and now “pretty-boy” (as he is sometimes referred to) Kazuki. Prince Zen and, surprisingly, Raji are working seamlessly alongside the Lions of the Mountains to take down the infamous pirates Claw of the Sea.

Snow White with the Red Hair / FUNimation

(Snow White with the Red Hair, FUNimation)

As someone who is extremely fond of old courtly romance stories of knights and of pirates battling over treasure, I believe Snow White does a marvelous job of bringing the two types of stories together. The Claw of the Sea are ruthless and go so far as to physically hurt Shirayuki. The horrible nature of pirates without honor or gracious conduct is exhibited quite clearly as foils to the graceful knights who come to Shirayuki’s aid. In between the two opposing enemies, in terms of life station, are the Lions of the Mountains. These ruff outlaws look scruffy and act tough but they have kind hearts underneath their coarse clothes.

The world of Snow White with the Red Hair is rich with various groups of people in all sorts of class stations: royals, nobles, knights, servants, merchants, and outlaws. Seeing more of this anime’s world and the people in it gives the story a deeper, richer, and more vivid picture. Now the audience can see the type of people and organized outlaws that make up the show’s world.

After successfully rescuing Shirayuki and Kazuki, the Claw of the Sea are in the custody of Tanbarun and can no longer kidnap and sell off humans to high paying nobles. Episode 20: The Temperature of a Smile, a Cherished Place reveals where the Lions of the Mountains live and thrive with nature. These outlaws have built an incredible village amongst the trees of the mountain’s forest and there they are free to live happily. Kazuki asks Shirayuki to stay with the Lions and make it her home but she gracefully declines, saying that she has made Clarines her home. A complete juxtaposition between the wild life of the lions living in the mountain forest and the Tanbarun’s castle is quickly shown in this episode. Prince Raji decides to have the ball that was originally intended as Shirayuki’s invitation incentive after she has been brought back safely.

Snow White with the Red Hair / FUNimation

(Snow White with the Red Hair, FUNimation)

The ballroom has been crafted as finely as from any Walt Disney princess film. The high windows, soft drapes, golden accents, and elegant persons dancing gives viewers a glimpse into the fantasy world of royals. The artwork is best described as breathtaking. One forgets there is a world of thieves, kidnappers, and pirates while watching this brief ballroom scene. Sadly the dancing and beautiful gowns must be traded in for boots and fast horses as Zen and company make their way back home to their country of Clarines. A glimpse into the past of swift and loyal Obi is given in Episode 21: When I’m With You as he dashes off to help an old pal in a last job.

Snow White with the Red Hair / FUNimation

(Snow White with the Red Hair, FUNimation)

In a torrential downpour, Shirayuki, Kiki, Mitsuhide, Zen, and Obi make their way to a rather posh inn close to the border of Tanbarun and Clarines. This inn serves as a transition for the companions as they are leaving the wild life of rescuing. Here Shirayuki lets Obi realize that Prince Zen and herself can be themselves around him and not have to worry about royal protocol. A fun and flirty girl appears who convinces Obi to help her with one more job that consists of bringing back a rich runaway boy. Obi’s past has always been alluded to as being shady and bit unlawful. Now, seeing him basically fly swiftly through the forest trees with the girl Trow makes it seem as if he may miss being an un-contracted man. He looks at home gliding his way through the dark night sky as he approaches the job’s target. The animation has yet to be choppy or stalling in the scenes that are focused on sword fights or people moving through tree branches like a swift sparrow. It’s quick and flowing into each frame perfectly, to the point that it hardly seems like an animation.

Snow White with the Red Hair has not disappointed through its second season. The delightful storyline, relatable characters, and rich world all contribute to an overarching romantic fantasy effect that draws viewers into a completely different realm. This anime is one that anyone who loves the world of knights and ladies should watch to experience the enchantment.

Snow White With the Red Hair is available to watch through FUNimation

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