Someone at the BBC’s Making a GTA “Making-of” Show


Following in the footsteps of The Legend of Zelda, the BBC’s announced that as a part of its campaign to get British kids coding, it’ll be making “a new BBC Two drama based on Grand Theft Auto.” This is not, however, the GTA TV show you might’ve been hoping for.

Though details about the show are scarce in its original press release, the BBC is calling Grand Theft Auto “one of the most extraordinary creative and controversial success stories of our time.” British studio Rockstar has been historically reluctant to bring Grand Theft Auto to the big-screen and it looks like it won’t be carrying any new stories over to the small-screen anytime soon.

The news further comes from the BBC’s Guy Cocker, who will be playing some undisclosed part in the show’s development.

As he explains on Twitter, this is a show about the making of Grand Theft Auto. The reveal comes on the heels of Grand Theft Auto V‘s heists and not too long before the game hits PCs later this spring. Regardless, it’s something to watch


Via The BBC, Endgadget, & @guycocker on Twitter

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