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Soul Sacrifice Preview

Soul Sacrifice is a PS Vita game that upon first glance may have you thinking that it is a Monster Hunter clone. After having some hands-on time with the early demo build, I can safely say that this is not true. It is hard to explain Soul Sacrifice because I believe the demo build is not enough to really grasp a feel for the game.

The demo begins with your character trapped in a cage unable to escape while demons come to offer another prisoner as a demonic sacrifice to their lord. The prisoner puts up a fight, but is vanquished by the demon lord. You discover that the prisoner received the power to engage from a demonic book. You acquire this book and progress through the story it tells you. I won’t go too much into the story, but I will say it seems that you will be listening to dialogue that progresses the story after each stage. After the dialogue you are presented with the next mission, and before you choose to progress you have the option of customizing your character to suite the mission at hand. This customization is where Soul Sacrifice receives it’s depth from. Allow me to explain as best i can in as few words as possible.

The Book you play the game through

Meet your demonic new friend

Soul Sacrifice sets itself up as a mission-based story game with no elements of free-roaming to be found. Basically you select what mission you would like to undertake and away you go. Missions can be completed with friends or with the game’s A.I. You are covered whether you are a fan of singleplayer or multiplayer. I have not had a chance to play the multiplayer yet, since the servers have not gone live in my region, but based up the Japanese reception of the game I hear it opens up and is more engaging with others. Some have described it to be a Borderlands type of game in regards to the multiplayer and I can’t see that being a bad thing.

Soul Sacrifice‘s combat is going to take time to get the hand of for some gamers, and it may take some time trying to discover what class you are best suited to. You can play as an up close heavy hitter, a long distance attacker, or you can mix both of these elements together and play as a hybrid. The best way to describe customization is that your character is a sorcerer and you can equip him or her with various elements. These elements can be weapons, magic, or both. You can equip 6 elements on two hot bars, which can be switched between at any stage in combat. For example, you can have one hot bar as close combat and the other one as long distance, or even as a quick heal spell just in case things get too much to handle for an all-out attack approach.

Soul Sacrifice bagogames

The Demo is on the PSN as of today, so check it out and tell us what you think. Our review will be coming at a later date so stay tuned to BagoGames to see our final impressions on the game.

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