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Chris Newton
Chief Operating Officer & Podcast Host
I'm a British lad who is the COO of Bago and the Video Manager. Gaming is my passion, and some of my favourite games include Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Command & Conquer series and the Assassins Creed series.
Trevor Kincaid
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Love playing survival horror games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and more recently the Dead Space series. Huge fan of Fallout and Skyrim type open-world games. Founded BagoGames to express myself and create a venue for others just as passionate about gaming to do the same.
Rob Walton
Senior Reviews Editor & Podcast Host
Rob is a 5th generation gamer who was raised mostly by hand-me-down video games from the 4th generation. As such, he developed a love for retro gaming at a much younger age than most people. His first video game was Crash Bandicoot 3, and his favorite video game depends on what mood he's in. Typically, it's Donkey Kong Country 2, other times, it's Dragon Quest 7 or The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind. He'll also play any turn based strategy game you throw at him.
Carl Lyon
Writer & Interviewer
A media journalist with over a decade of experience under his belt, Carl occasionally stops talking about Mortal Kombat, lucha libre, and Gamera long enough to discuss more recent topics. His other passions include finishing games that he abandoned in years gone by and playing the LEGO games with his special lady.
Brett Madigan
I play and review games and things... you should to :)
Carleton Rutter
Movie Reviewer
Carleton Rutter is an up-and-coming film reviewer who watches movies, just about any of 'em, so you don't have to. Hit him up on Twitter and Facebook or check out his YouTube channel, daddygamer5, to listen to his musings on all things cinematic.
Dr. Kendo
I am Dr.Kendo, YouTube sensation, and my lovely wife is Mrs.Kendo... my dogs are Apple Kendo and Twoey Kendo. My interests are Blue Shells, long walks on Besaid Island, and Nintendo-shaped Candle-lit dinners. I love you.
Rob Cotter
Writer & Podcast Host
Miles is a passionate gamer, and has been ever since he could hold a controller. First game was Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo 64, and favorite game of all time is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Miles is a literal "know-it-all" when it comes to the Sonic franchise, which he is a huge fan of. Miles is a 20 year old bro from dark blue Tennessee, giving favor to the Xbox wherever he may go.
William Jepma
When he's not flying the Millennium Falcon, William spends much of his free time reading every book he can get his hands on, exploring fantastical worlds, and as an aspiring storyteller, often creating his own. To read more of his work, you can visit his self-titled blog, where he frequently rambles about Star Wars, movies, TV, and gaming.
Adnan Riaz
Graduate from the University of York and currently working as a freelance journalist, Adnan loves literally anything to do with films, music, television and video games. He’s not shy to express his opinions on all of them either. Make sure you follow him on Twitter to find him rambling on about all of the above.
Lachlan Cotter
Lachlan here game/tech enthusiast posting review's of everything awesome and everything that should have been buried before it started, BagoGames Co-Community Executive and Reviewer
Leslie Rising
VG news writer, Jeopardy enthusiast, general idiot. Based in North Carolina by way of Arrakis. Follow her on Twitter @LeezusLove
Nate Munson
I'm a life-long gamer and farm boy from the midwest. I was raised by wolves. I love comics and pretty much all things geek. My favorite games have a good story; the genre doesn't matter. If I had a super power it would be biting sarcasm. If you buy me a drink; make it a Jack and Coke.
Mark McPherson
I'm the dude who wasted his youth working behind the counter of a video store for many years. Watched a lot of movies in my time including one summer where I was determined to see every film in the Criterion Collection. Been writing about movies from as far back as 2007. Still go to the video store because it's my personal heaven.
Maria Ramos
Joshua Romano
I'm very passionate about video games and the promotion of video games as not just a child's toy but a powerful medium to tell stories and experiences. My favorite game is Yoshi's Island for the Super Nintendo and I usually gravitate towards First Person Shooters, but if they're fun then I'm all for it!
Patrick Kennedy
A humanoid Bear Gamer, who loves playing survival horror, retro and modern 2D shooters, while blowing s**t up and stealing picnic baskets while riding a giant robot Titian.
Eleni DiCarlo
is a zealous gamer who started going to arcades before she could talk. Today she enjoys playing Nintendo, Magic the Gathering, D&D, chess, and other table top games. You can find her hunting monsters by day and StreePass tags by night... when she's not watching anime! Eleni has a B.A. and a M.A. in English which inspired her to write about one of the things she loves best, games!! Follow her on Miiverse @ Ismene
Ayesha Amir
I love video games and I love writing about them! Oh and I'm a cat person too.
Ethan Buck
Ethan Buck has been playing games since a very early age with his first game being Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES at the ripe age of 3. Since then he has evolved his gaming to superior levels owning all gaming consoles he could afford and playing everything from PC to PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U.
Mike Mahoney
Writer & Podcast Host
Boston native who has been gaming since the days of the Atari 2600. Preferred genres are shooters, action-adventure and RPGs. Platform of choice is: ALL OF THEM. His opinions can be bought and sold in exchange for a tasty burrito. You can catch Mike weekly on the podcast.
Corey Atwood
Writer & Podcast Host
Corey's been playing video games since he first climbed atop a barstool to play Duck Hunt on an arcade cabinet. He maintains an unhealthy obsession with Ducktales, the Back to the Future trilogy, and Punisher comics. If he's not playing games, you can probably find him riding his motorcycle, napping in a hammock, or weeping gently into a glass of whiskey. He also enjoys self-deprecating humor, and talking about himself in the third person.
Jeremy Tyler
Jeremy is the senior news manager for and is in charge of all the news content for the page. Before turning to gaming news, Jeremy worked as a contract sports reporter for a local newspaper. Jeremy plays games accross all platforms and is always on the look out for a good RPG.
Adam Koziol
Based in the UK Adam spends most of his time honing his Monster Hunter skills and conquering the world in Total War. In the not so virtual world you'll probably find him travelling or enjoying live music. Follow him on twitter @AdamKoziol3
Jerry Dobracki
Started playing video games in an age where the hero had to run to the right to succeed. He loves his survival horror games and patiently waits to show off his skills in the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse.
Nathan Braudrick
Nathan is an associate writer for bagogames. He likes Jesus, video games, action figures and cartoons. He has a wife, 3 kids and feels that the X-Files is the greatest show ever. His favorite game of all time is Deadly Premonition and he wants to some day meet the Ninja Turtles. He doesn't like Star Wars and he doesn't understand the strange looks he gets when he tells people that.
Tim Gruver
Writer & Editor
From the time he sat down to play Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. on his sisters' dusty NES one afternoon, video-games would entice Tim's mind like the One Ring to Gollum. He believes video games are art and that Okami and Shadow of the Colossus are among them. A communications major at the University of Washington, he's holding out for the day his love of all things virtual turns into a full-time gig.