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Star Trek: The Q Gambit Begins in July

Star Trek: The Q Gambit Begins in July

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of comic books based on TV and film franchises is the possibility of taking those extra steps that aren’t so feasible or practical in the original format. This is especially true when it comes to science fiction, where you can exploit things like time travel and alternate realities… sometimes both at the same time.

Taking full advantage of this, IDW has announced an upcoming 6-part adventure dubbed Star Trek: The Q Gambit, which will pit the Next Generation-era antagonist Q up against the 2009 reboot version of Kirk and crew.

Star Trek The Q GambitIDW’s ongoing Star Trek series has pitted the Star Trek crew from the 2009 film franchise against many a challenge and foe, but how will they fare up against the omnipotent Q? This July Star Trek fans will find out starting with Star Trek issue #35, which will kick off  “The Q Gambit” 6-part galaxy-spanning adventure.

“Part of the fun of the new STAR TREK movie franchise is seeing how beloved characters are different in the new timeline,” says writer Mike Johnson, “But one iconic adversary remains unchanged: Q. His fascination with humanity and his penchant for mischief remain the same across the multiverse, and now he’s come to take the Enterprise crew on an adventure that will bring new meaning to the phrase ‘no-win scenario!'”

In this new arc, Star Trek comic series writer Johnson brings Captain Kirk from the recent films together with Q for the very first time. Joining Johnson on this adventure is first time IDW Star Trek artist, Tony Shasteen (Vampire Diaries, Batman: Arkham Unhinged).

“Like so many fans, Q captured my attention as soon as he appeared on the deck of the Enterprise,” said Star Trek comic editor Sarah Gaydos, “We’re excited to explore just how Q will react to our Captain Kirk…and how Kirk will handle one of the most powerful, witty characters ever to appear in the Star Trek universe. We’re also very eager for everyone to see the stellar work Tony Shasteen is doing!”

Under license by CBS Consumer Products, “The Q Gambit” begins when the mischievous Q sends James T. Kirk on a quest that will see the Enterprise joining forces with familiar faces from Star Trek lore, beginning with the crew of a certain space station…

The Q Gambit will begin with Star Trek issue #35 in July.

Source: IDW

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  • Mike

    Will this be canon though? Something tells me no.

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