Summer Wars – Hosoda Collection Releasing This Month

FUNimation is re-releasing an anime film in a special edition, Summer Wars – Hosoda Collection, which will be officially released on November 22.

Director Mamoru Hosoda produced a wonderful film that exemplifies the value of family and the essential need to understand your loved ones. These themes are intertwined into a story that blends reality with the virtual one. In the English trailer, Natsuki and her vast family of various characters become avatars to battle in a game of Koi Koi. Kenji Koiso is a classmate of Natsuki and plays against her in the social network game of fiancé . Suddenly chaos erupts and both Kenji and Natsuki must work together to stop it.

If you would like to learn how to play the same card game that is featured in the trailer, Koi Koi, FUNimation has listed the directions on their blog.

Summer Wars - Hosoda Collection / FUNimation

(Summer Wars – Hosoda Collection, FUNimation)

Summer Wars – Hosoda Collection contains the film, a 52-page art book that includes concept art, sketches and interviews. The Special Features on the extra discs have several interviews with the Japanese voice cast and the director Mamoru Hosoda. Teaser trailers, teaser TV spot, original trailer and the 7 TV spots are also included on the Special Features discs. The film has English and Japanese audio and English Subtitle options. Summer Wars is available for pre-order on FUNimation’s online store and will be releasing on November 22.

Source: FUNimation

Video Source: FUNimation YouTube Channel

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