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Sundered Releases on PS4 This Month

Sundered, the horror-filled game, will be available on the PS4 on July 28th. Along with the announcement of the release date, Thunder Lotus Games released a special trailer on the PlayStation YouTube Channel.

The above trailer shows off the need to survive this dark world. Players take on Eshe’s journey as a wanderer in a world filled with nightmarish enemies and changing-caverns. In this dark world resides Elder Shards. These shards can be found while exploring and as a reward drop after defeating a boss.

The shards serve a special purpose for Eshe. There are two ways to take advantage of them and both of these ways come with a price. One option is to give the shards to a shrine and sacrifice a portion of Eshe’s humanity to obtain power. Another is to destroy the shard to end all of the shards’ dark influence. The choice is yours’ alone to make while experiencing the game.

PlayStation 4 owners may pre-order the game now from the PlayStation Store before the game’s release on July 28th. If you are interested in learning more about this game, you can watch the PAX East 2017 interview with Thunder Lotus Games here.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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