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Swiss Army Man, This Year’s Quirky Sundance Movie, Has A Trailer

After Sundance hits like Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, and Napoleon Dynamite, various studios have chased after the success Fox Searchlight Pictures has had from their little comedies that could. Last year’s The Kings of Summer or the big sex comedy from the year before, The To Do List, didn’t make the splash that the respective studios for those films wanted. Now the directors of DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s Turn Down for What music video, The Daniels (yes, that’s really what they want to be called), unleash the next quirky Sundance comedy, Swiss Army Man.

Paul Dano stars as Hank, a man stranded on an island. On the verge of suicide, thinking he’s alone, he finds a corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) and forms an odd friendship. This does look and sound like the atypical Sundance comedy, but perhaps the odd premise has enough to set it apart from the prior movies in this article.

Swiss Army Man is set for a June 17 2016 release date.


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