Tomb Raider: Guide to Survival Ep. 2

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The second episode in Tomb Raider‘s Guide to Survival series has finally seen the light of day; it’s been a while since the last episode, hasn’t it?

In episode 2, another aspect of the Base Camp, fast traveling, is delved into; which further includes waypoints. Gear Gating, another mechanic in the game, is also detailed, and basically means that certain areas are blocked off until Lara has a certain skill or weapon. Gear Gating gives players a huge reason to return to previously explored areas once they have more gear.

Additionally, weapons like the shotgun and new skills/items like the rope arrows and fire arrows also get their time to shine in the episode.

Come episode 3, we’ll see how all of the things we’ve been shown so far come together in combat, as Lara defends herself from the not-so-friendly people that live on the island. That episode will come out…whenever it’s ready, presumably.

Tomb Raider has a release date of March 5th.

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